Crisis Action Hack Diamond and Coins For Free

Crisis Action Hack Diamond, Honor and Coins now release in online tools, use this tool to make your gaming experience so great in play. We have finally managed to release this amazing hack tool as result from our hackers team. We are providing an online hack tool that operate from our servers, all user can use this without download anything but still applicable for Android or iOS user.

crisis action hack diamond

Why you need to hack crisis action diamond?

Crisis Action-eSports FPS is typical with other game as Point Blank, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, etc. Which is all of them is FPS game. This game is “Free to Play” game which is can be download from Google Play or Apple Store. You can play this game for free, but playing the Crisis Action FPS in normal way is hard to get lots of Diamonds and also requires very long time to acquire those.

In the game of Crisis Action SEA you need to buy or equipped with cool weapons, they have weapons that need to be improved by using diamond or honor. Weapon in Crisis Action which need diamond is the M82A1 as one of weapon with DMG 135.

Then how do I get the diamond and honor?

Below are ways to get a diamond:

1. Training Mission in Solo Mode

2. Playing luck at Slots

3. Using diamond menu to buy with money

4. Using Crisis Action Hack

All challenge which you have acquired in “Training Mission in Solo Mode” just deliver in limited amount or usually it is absolutely nothing and that is not nearly enough. Same with playing Slot, the game have made the system that will give you no luck at all.

Buying diamonds is the easy way but only for the gamer with full of wealth. For common players they will agree if I said its too expensive. See below they charge the Diamonds for the money:

  • $ 0.99 will get 60 diamonds.
  • $ 4.99 will get 300 diamonds.
  • $ 9.99 we will get 600 diamonds.
  • $ 19.99 diamond that will be obtained is 1200.
  • $ 49.99 will get diamond 3000.
  • $ 74.99 will get a 4500 diamonds.
  • $ 99.99 can get as much as 6000 diamond diamonds.

From all of those method, as the very best way is using Crisis Action Hack Diamond, Coin and Honor For Free.

How to hack crisis action diamond?

Now we will discussing how to get unlimited diamond, honor and coins to your account. You can start access our tool to hack Crisis Action Diamond, Gold Coin and Honor for your account from the button you can find in below.

hack crisis action diamond


Crisis Action Diamond Hack Feature:

  1. Online Access. You can have instant access from the button.
  2. Generate unlimited Diamonds, Honor and Gold Coins.
  3. No need to download anything.
  4. No Root or Jailbrake. You will not afraid to lose the device warranty.
  5. Compatible with Android and iOS device.
  6. Compatible process. Can be access from PC and Smartphone Mobile browser.
  7. Secure process. Using Anti Ban Encryption and integrated Proxy from our servers.


What are you waiting for? You only have to go to generator page to Hack crisis action diamond and input your username including the amount of Diamonds, Coins and Honor. Trust our cheat engine to do the process from our servers, then you only have to wait until the generator complete the process. And Now, Enjoy your Crisis Action game with full of Diamonds in your account.

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