Cheat Criminal Case Android, iOS or Facebook for Free Energy in 2016

In 2016 to cheat Criminal Case Android, iOS or Facebook is only an option when you want to have the unlimited energy to get the more interesting matter in playing this game. In other hand, it is also one of the options inside this website. It is one of the special developers, which can help you getting the challenging competition. What make this cheat engine special and different with the other tool is its easiness and simple program. It is common when you need to download and to install the hack file before using it but in this method; you only need to be connected with the internet in order to use this cheat.

Criminal Case Cheat LogoYou also need to know that sometimes the file of common hacks consist of malware and viruses. So, downloading the file of hack sometimes is dangerous and it can damage the system of your device. By the simple and easiness here, this online cheat can be the alternative for you.

Cheat Criminal Case Android, iOS or Facebook With Online Generator

cheat criminal case android

Actually, this cheat is the online engine generator. You need to be glad because of the occurring of this cheat method. Yes, the generator provide the easy way to use and you do not need to worry in losing the kinds of coin, cash and max energy in playing the game because you will get it back easily! You do not need to download the file of this hack and you only need your username to use it!

This cheat engine is universal. It means that it will be no problem when you use different platform to use it. The developer says that this cheat can hack well for Android, iPhone and Facebook. Of course, the universal of it will give more chance for you in applying this cheat for your option!

Criminal Case cheat engine

Criminal Case Cheat Engine Feature

To know more about the detail of this cheat engine, it will be important for you to know the feature of this hack. The feature can be the reason why you need to choose it, as the best option for Criminal Case hacking method. The features here are:

  • Useful tool to get the unlimited coins. It will be nice when you want to increase the level of your level.
  • Nice generator engine to increase the amount of cash and max energy. Those two matters are important to get the special item inside this Criminal Case Game.
  • High security in account with the equipped encryption code. It is special to hide your account and your account cannot be detected by the game servers.
  • Integration of private proxy. This matter will be nice to camouflage the original IP address and it will be nice to increase the running play of this game.
  • This hack is compatible with any kind of PC and mobile browser, such as the android, iOS device and Facebook.

Criminal Case Cheat Unlimited Energy Hack

We all know that this game is actually free to be downloaded. Although it is free to be downloaded, there is “in-app purchase” inside this hack. It means that you need to pay some payments when you want to fulfill and to upgrade the level of it. I don’t know the opinion of the other user but for me, sometimes it is too expensive.

Get rid the payment by our cheat engine as the other tool that work perfectly too:

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Using this cheat engine method will be the great option for you. Yes, it is reasonable because by the use of this engine you will be free in increasing the amount of coin, cash, and energy. Of course, you need to be wise in using it.

With the complete and high amount of those matters, it will be easy for you to increase the level of your character. In other hand, it also will be nice for you to be the new master of this Criminal Case Game.

How to Hack Criminal Case Energy, Cash and Coins

It is easy to describe the part of it. All your need in the way to use this hack is only your userID. There are several kinds of the way, which you need to follow. The ways of it are:

  1. In the first time, you need to put your userID to play your Criminal Case Game.
  2. Then, choose the kind of device you use to play it.
  3. After it, you need to set on the encryption code of it. Then, click the “connect” button there.
  4. It will be important for you to keep the stable of your connection. After the connection, the system will direct you to the new windows .
  5. In the new windows, find the “generate” button. Click that button and you can fulfill the blank of it with the new amount of coin, cash and max energy.
  6. Please wait in several second until the system finish it for you.
  7. In fulfilling the black of it, you need to use the valid information. The information will be important to verify that you are a human.

Start access the online cheat engine from here…


After knowing to Cheat Criminal Case Android, iOS or Facebook for Free Energy, now you will have more chance to be the master of this game. Don’t forget to share this link to your friends!